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The Malaysian Straight bundle deals are our 1 seller Get ready for a soft and wavy hairstyle that is so easy to style and take careStraight Bundle Deals.jpg of. This is for you


Toner Hydrating Mist

Toner  Hydrating Mist  Our “Toner – Hydrating” Mist is a skin preparation cleanser developed to use before makeup to reduce the skin’s pH to its proper level and to provide the skin with an ability to re hydrate during the day even under makeup. This hydrating mist is the best way to start your face off in the morning. This product prepares your skin and pores with its needs for the entire day.  After cleaning your face with one of our facial scrub bars, dampen face and then  spray on face or on cotton pad and gently rub into your skin. Most cosmetologist say this is the most important step to take for your face all day.

So start your day with the best “Toner – Hydrating” Mist you can buy. After a few uses you will understand why we call it that when your face feels the best it ever has and you regain some of the youthful tightness and elasticity. Try some today and it is great for all skin types. Available in orange sorbet scent or sweet grass scent or unscented in 4 oz. or 8 oz. spray bottles.

Ingredients: aloe veTONER HYDRATING MIST.jpgra, witch hazel, glycerine and fragrance if scented.

Usage: use morning and night.

View a description of our fragrances by visiting the Fragrance Dictionary link.

Facial in a Bag

The “Facial in a Bag” is our new  kit for 2016. In this bag you will find everything you need to give herself a great facial or give a friend a facial. You will receive a 4 oz. jar of our “TLC Clay Facial Mask” in your choice of fragrance, our “Skin of Silk Micro scrub” in a 4 oz. size in your choice of fragrance. You will also receive 4 oz. of our “Can’t Do With You Toner” and 4 ounces of our “Sweet Baby Jane Lotion”, both in your choice of fragrance. This kit comes in a organza bag complete with instructions on how to give the best facial possible. Facial in a Bag


Can’t Dew Without You” Gift Pack #1

This is the perfect gift kit for any mom. Just think, what a better way to introduce your mother to all natural skin care products. This kit includes the following:

  • 4 oz. bottle of our “Can’t Dew Without You” Toner/Hydrating Mist in your choice of fragrance
  • 4 oz. bottle of our “CDWY” Cleanser in your choice of skin type and fragrance
  • 1 oz. jar of our new “CDWY” Eye Cream
  • 4 oz. jar of our popular “Sugar n Shea” in your choice of fragrance
  • A bar of our very popular “Just Good Soap” in your choice of fragrance
  • All options are available above by choosing the specific details in each drop down box

There is no better way to tell your mother how much you care.

View a description of our fragrances by visiting the Fragrance Dictionary link.


Scrub Face Clean


Our new “Sugar n Shea” is a special blend of the best in oils in the finest sugar. Shea butter is high in vitamins and is the best at moisturizing. Grape seed oil tightens and tones and provides essential fatty acids and gives the product a unique anti-oxidant quality helping to reduce aging. Almond oil smooths and softens and the avocado oil is very therapeutic and quickly penetrates.The hemp seed oil is a great anti-inflammatory and aids in healing. As you can see this is not a typical sugar scrub. Throw away your stir sticks, our product stays together, so no need to stir the scrub before using. “Sugar n Shea” is available in a variety of different fragrances and you can try our new orange sorbet, quickly becoming our most popular fragrance.



To use, simply scoop out a small amount of “Sugar n Shea” from jar, apply directly to your problem spots and using a gentle circular motion buff away dead skin cells. Leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Approximately a 6 oz. net weight.

Ingredients: water, sugar, SheaSUGAR N SHEA SCRUB.jpg butter, almond oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil and sesame seed oil and fragrance if scented.

Usage: can be used daily

View a description of our fragrances by visiting the Fragrance Dictionary link.

*** This is a custom product, made at the time you’ve purchased it. It may take an additional 3-5 business days to fulfill your order before it is shipped. ****