Bejewel Your Body

Bejewel Your Body
SALE ENDS 08/11 Set your self apart this summer with sultry body chains, chic midi rings, and not-your-average anklets for style that can’t be imitated or duplicated. Any BODY can rock them, the question is, how will you?
Here’s a hint: Make a wish upon a star.



4 thoughts on “Bejewel Your Body

  1. Erika I love your blog I have a blog that I think you will like. The name of it is “Cheetah Bags”. If you don’t like anything else you’ll really like the second paragraph. If you want you cane read some of my other blogs too.

  2. I am glad you enjoyed it. From the looks of your blogs you really like accessories. I have a lot of acssory blogs and next month all will be talking all about nail polish. I will let you know when it will start and until then you can read some of my acssory blogs that are already there.

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